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What Would the Degeorges Do?

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I just found this community and I'm sad that it's so quiet...so I thought I'd post a link to the interview I did with Paul for my Cauldrons and Chocolate Frogs ezine :)

Five Minutes With: Paul DeGeorge

(it was The Social Change Issue, so some of the questions are influenced by that)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it :)

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Hey all you wrockers! Are you a LiveJournal or LJ-Clone user who wishes there was more wrock around those sites? Not to fear, Wrockstock feels your pain and is here to save the day!

Wrockstock now has a community for all you blogging Wrockstockers on each of the big blog sites! You can now find links to all the info you need about wrockstock, updates on bands and merchandise, and other great wrockstockers right from your favorite blogging site! All Wrockstockers are welcome, past present and future! It's a great place to meet other people going to Worckstock or people who just love Harry Potter and wrock! Click the links below to find the right community for you!

Wrockstock on LiveJournal

Wrockstock on IsaneJournal

Wrockstock on JournalFen

Wrockstock on GreatestJournal - COMING SOON!

Who wants to see if "Uncle Carl" (Mr. Degeorge I) will make an appearance again this year?
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i made a myspace group for these amazing brothers. 
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AMAZING! hahahahhahaa. ha.
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"We said our goodbyes to Robin and smiled because even though her face was still a little melted from last night, we could see in her eyes that the power of rock was inside her, and she would go to work that day and everyone would see her melted face and look in her eyes too and know also that once you have your face melted there is a spore of hope and joy planted in your heart that will grow and spread to the hearts of others whether they need it or not."
-Joe Degeorge
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Welcome. :D
Post your little hearts out. xoxo
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